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Harley Davidson Flags 3x5

This flag is perfect for your motorcycling needs! It is a 3x5 ft. Flag with a white harley davidson machine face on a green field. This flag is large enough to large for a banner or plaque of your own. It is currently out of stock but will be available soon.

Harley Flag 3x5

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Harley Davidson Flag 3x5

This american harley davidson flag banner is 3x5ft brass grommets with garter-hilted steel blade and a green and yellowed metal bezel. The flag is made from a single layer of brass sheet music with a green and yellowed metal bezel. It is complete with no broken or repaired components. The flag is currently in excellent condition with no crazing, wear or damage. this flag is a great addition to your garage or office building. It is made of polyester and has harley davidson's three letter logo in the center. It is 5'5" wide and 3'5" high. this is a 3x5ft flag banner made by harley davidson. It is made of 100% cotton and is size 3x5ft. It has harley davidson's logo and numerals on one end and the word "usa" on the other. The flag is also free shipping on orders over $75. this is a great harley davidson flag that is 3x5 ft. It is a great addition to any room or house. This flag has a motorbike logo and a large skull banner on the top. It can hold up to 5 flags and is free shipping on purchase in the usa.